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This is How We Do it

What an AWSOME day yesterday was with the guys & gals from West Fork Armory from Conroe, Texas. We were able to rid Milam County of 35 more hogs. The full auto MP5, & WFA X5 .300 AAC did a number on them. The .223’s did well also and everyone left with a smile on their face. Can’t wait to have them back soon for round two.

Here’s their description of the video:

A video of a recent wild hog eradication hog hunt that helped some farmers in need with some serious hog control problems. Weapons used were and HK MP5SD 9mm, West Fork Armory Model-X 300 Blackout, West Fork Armory Model 9, West Fork Armory SBR 10.5″ Suppressed. During the course of the hunt, 35 wild hogs were taken in less than 6 hours of flight time. Overall it’s a great experience for the hunters and the farmers alike. If you are looking to do a similar hunt check out G&T Outfitters of Temple, Texas. For more information on the firearms used. Please check out