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Registered US Gov't Contractors | DUNS #024445190 | CAGE Code 87MJ8 | FAA Part 135 Certified Air Op

Why Choose G&T

G&T Outfitters, and our aircraft provider UAI make every effort possible for our clients to have the experience of a lifetime by assisting and participating as gunners / hunters / spotters in our efforts to eradicate feral hogs from The Lone Star State. It is our goal to find and eliminate as many feral hogs as we can every time we take off on a mission. We know that is your goal as well. Please keep in mind, this is hunting / eradication. There are simply no guarantees on a day to day basis. Please contact us with any further questions, or to book your spot on our crew with us today. We look forward to flying with you soon.


G&T Outfitters is the premier helicopter hog hunting service for Central Texas.
Our Aircraft

Our current primary aircraft is a BELL Jet Ranger 206 BIII Provided exclusively by Utility Aviation Inc., A Bruner Aerospace company.

With a powerful Rolls Royce M250-20B Jet Turbine power plant, this nimble and quick helicopter provides a comfortable, stable platform for aerial feral hog eradication / aerial gunnery operations.

**** Please keep in mind that there is flight / ferry time to and from our hunting locations.Ferry / transit times vary from 5-30 minutes each way depending on wildlife activity and landowner reports. All flight times are priced per hour.

 BELL 206 B III Jetranger  MD530FF Helicopter
Weapons & Ammo

G&T Outfitters have partnered with KelTec Weapons to provide the following weapons for hunts. Our KelTec RFB’s & RDB’s are equipped with OSS Supressors. All of our weapons are equiped with EOTEC & Vortex halographic weapon sights to get the shots on target every time.

KelTec KSG 12 ga
Equipped with AKLYS Defense Supressor, VORTEX Venom Optic, and Magpul BUS/AFG
KelTec RFB .308WIN
Equipped with OSS Supressor, EOTEC or VORTEX Optic, and Magpul BUS/AFG

G&T Outfitters will have all weapons / magazines, & ammo ready for the hunt. Our primary weapon of choice is the RFB w/ OSS Supressor. When crops / corn start getting tall we transition to KSG’s.